About Us

We’re a group of people who work in the food biz and love to camp. And here’s what we’ve figured out. It’s true everything tastes better when you eat it outdoors. But it turns out everything tastes even better when you know how to cook it outdoors. Sure, burgers and hot dogs are good. But with a little planning, a few handy tricks, and the right gear, you can instantly kick it up a notch in the eating department.

So that’s what this site is all about. Not just the same old recipes that happen to work for camping. Recipes that camp well by design. Recipes with a built-in plan to get you started at home, help you pack everything you need, and then take you all the way through to the finishing steps out there under the big sky.

It started as something we just wanted to do for ourselves and for fun. But pretty soon, it bonfired into this site where we’re sharing our favorite ideas with the world. We’ve spent years working for some of the biggest retailers, chefs, and publishers in the U.S., working on cookbooks, magazines, food TV shows, and national ad campaigns. Our hometown of San Francisco is the food epicenter of the planet as well as a gateway to some of the most incredible natural splendors on earth, so when we can’t take another artisan pork belly panino, we like to get out, get dirty, and get down to some wildly tasty outdoor cooking and eating. We hope our little site inspires you to try some great outdoor cooking of your own.


Catherine Jacobes

Catherine’s love for all things editorial and a passion for books, food, and photography, have been the perfect foundation for her career as an art director and producer specializing in lifestyle projects. With years of publishing experience and a solid understanding of branding and strategy, she started a custom publishing company, The Book Kitchen, where she’s worked with some cool brands like Macy’s, Marshall Field’s, and Robert Mondavi Vineyards among others. She’s also designed over 100 books and has worked with some great publishers including Ten Speed Press, Chronicle Books, Oxmoor House, and Sunset Magazine. She camps to eat and to be out of cell phone range.

Ian Stout

Ian is a photographer with a focus on food and the great outdoors. A third generation artist, his interest in photography began when, at age 16, his father gave him an old Nikon FE, and he’s been chasing light ever since. Summers spent exploring the magnificent wilderness of New York’s Adirondacks, near his family home, shaped the outdoorsman to be. Since landing in San Francisco, he’s worked with some of the best photographers around and with companies like Williams-Sonoma, Macy’s, and Levis. An avid backpacker, he can usually be found in the backcountry with camera in hand. Check out more of his work at www.ianstoutphoto.com.


Kerri Conan

Kerri camps to cook. Since ditching the big city in 1997, she and her husband have been exploring the prairie by car, tent, and cooler. She’s a freelance writer, editor, and recipe developer who mostly works with New York Times columnist Mark Bittman on his cookbooks and apps. Her work has also appeared on Mark’s New York Times blog, and in Saveur, Gourmet, Self, and Health magazines. If you’re into leftovers, follow Kerri on Twitter @dailybowl.

Steve Siegelman

Steve went camping for the first time in the Sierra foothills when he was eight. He got a really bad sore throat and was semi-delirious for most of the weekend. At nine, he camped along the Russian River and accidentally pushed a Ford Falcon station wagon filled with gear off the edge of the riverbank. No one was hurt and everyone got to spend the afternoon at A&W drinking root beer floats while a tow truck was summoned, so it worked out great. The following summer, on a Webelos trek to Moose Lake, his horse threw up. Is it any wonder, then, that since these formative misadventures, his inclination has been toward glamping, the art of maximizing creature comforts in the great outdoors? Is it so wrong that he might consider a cappuccino frother a campsite essential? Steve has written or contributed to 36 cookbooks, including The Pancake Handbook, Trader Vic’s Tiki Party, and Mourad New Moroccan. He has been a writer for 8 TV cooking series with a bunch of famous chefs and also works as an advertising creative director.


Penny Luce

Penny is a certified natural chef, and graduate of Bauman College of Holistic Cooking. She specializes in gluten-free, raw, and vegan cooking. Her experience includes working as a line cook (Boulette Larder), a personal chef (The Green Spoon) and as an entrepreneur (ThePennyBar: All Natural Granola Bar Company). Her many talents include teaching healthy cooking classes, photo styling, and interior design. Oh, and she’s also an apprentice blacksmith. Her favorite way to spend her time is discovering new trails to hike with her husband Colin, with their dogs, Rocco and Rosie.

Deek Speredelozzi

Deek has been seeking (and finding) adventure in the great outdoors as far back as he can remember, and spinning tales of said adventures nearly as long. A youth spent exploring the paths and hills of his native Massachusetts, blossomed nearly twenty years ago into an adulthood roaming his adopted home of Northern California. And what better place for a restless young storyteller to ply his craft than in the vast and seemingly infinite expanses of wild country that can be found all throughout the Great American West, particularly in California. As a backcountry explorer with over two decades of experience, Deek has consistently made it his business to probe far and deep into the wilderness at every opportunity (and even at some decidedly inopportune times), amassing in the process an extensive library of backcountry tales & adventures. Deek currently lives in San Francisco, his home of 15 years, along with his wife Katherine, dog Peanut, 2 cats and is available for assignment.


Richard Stout

For the lovely illustrations.

Shane McCarthy

For the the additional trip report photos.