Cast Iron Care

June 30, 2012 | How to

Cast iron is the way to go for outdoor cooking. It works on a camping stove, right on the campfire coals, or over the grates of a campsite’s skanky grill. No other material can withstand the flames of a campfire! You only need a 10-inch skillet and a dutch oven to complete your Camping Kitchen Chuckbox. Caring for cast iron can be a pain, but it will last a lifetime if you give it the care it deserves.


Washing cast iron with soap isn’t necessary, and in fact, it’s not recommended as it removes the seasoning. Just clean it with a stiff brush and hot water. Don’t use a metal scouring pad. If you don’t have a brush or scraper at your campsite, salt is a great natural abrasive and will do in a pinch. If you feel that you absolutely must use soap, make sure it’s mild and bio-degradable. Towel dry and season immediately.


Most new cast-iron cookware comes pre-seasoned these days. “Seasoning” is when vegetable oil is baked on to the iron at a high temperature creating a natural non-stick surface. But, the seasoning must be maintained after every wash. Simply towel dry and then rub in a light coat of vegetable oil while the pan is still warm. The cookware should have a nice sheen, but not be sticky.


Store in a cool dry place. If your pan has a lid, put a paper towel between the lid and the pan to allow for air circulation.

If you’re interested in restoring an old rusty skillet, read Elena Brent Rosemond-Hoerr’s The Cast Iron Chronicles on her lovely blog Biscuits & Such. The woman is passionate about cast iron!

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