New Here?

campfire_72dpiIf you’re just checking out The Camping Kitchen for the first time, here’s what we’re all about:

We’re a group of people who work in the food biz and love to camp. And here’s what we’ve figured out. It’s true everything tastes better when you eat it outdoors. But it turns out everything tastes even better when you know how to cook it outdoors. Sure, burgers and hot dogs are good. But with a little planning, a few handy tricks, and the right gear, you can instantly kick it up a notch in the eating department.

So that’s what this site is all about. Not just the same old recipes that happen to work for camping. Recipes that camp well by design. Recipes with a built-in plan to get you started at home, help you pack everything you need, and then take you all the way through to the finishing steps out there under the big sky.

We’re also sharing our adventures—hikes we like, trails we’ve taken, and fun-to-read trip reports for those times you need a quick hit of the wild. And, of course, all of the coolest gear, gadgets and other cool stuff we discover along the way.

It started as something we just wanted to do for ourselves and for fun. But pretty soon, it bonfired into this site where we’re sharing our favorite ideas with the world. We’ve spent years working for some of the biggest retailers, chefs, and publishers in the U.S., working on cookbooks, magazines, food TV shows, and national ad campaigns. Our hometown of San Francisco is the food epicenter of the planet as well as a gateway to some of the most incredible natural splendors on earth, so when we can’t take another artisan pork belly panino, we like to get out, get dirty, and get down to some wildly tasty outdoor cooking and eating. We hope our little site inspires you to try some great outdoor cooking of your own.

Welcome to your campsite on the web. Pull up a log and join us for meal!