Poller Heat Bags

October 18, 2012 | Gear

Poler heat bagsare air activated and come in their own resealable pouch. Turn them on and off by simply putting them back in the pouch and sealing them. Throw them in the bottom of your napsack if the temperature dips and you’ll have toasty feet all night. Heat bags are designed to be used in gloves or pockets, which is where they get hot. They take about 10-15 minutes to heat up and cool down each time you use them and reseal them.


  • $10.00 (10 pack) / www.polerstuff.com
  • Total of 10 hours usage. Properly sealed, shelf life of about 2 weeks once opened
  • 5 pairs of 10 hour heat bags and each pair comes in a resealable foil bag
  • Non toxic

Heat bags should not be placed directly against your skin!

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